Celebrating a New & Different Anniversary

I have watched God's faithfulness prevailin every circumstance that has come our way in the past year.

When cancer said, "It's over", God said, "No, it's just beginning".
Today marks one year, when my doctor sat down in front of me with the results of my latest mammogram and said, "Mrs. Knight, I'm afraid it's not good news."  Well, I thought I heard her wrong.

My response was,- "I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you right".  She repeated her statement, with the added words, it's cancer.

Jeff had been busy that Monday morning--he had asked me if I wanted him along, I said "Nope, it's nothing I am sure".  So alone I sat hearing the news, yet not alone.  God had given me many promises up to that very day--reminding me that HE was always with me.  More of the story can be found on our mission blog:, but specifically, the story here on this link.

I have looked back today at …

Our Call to Missions

This is a "rewind" of sorts of what brought me here today:  Cincel Language School, Costa Rica.  Now, before you get all excited about "where" we are, let me tell you quick-like:  there's no party going on.  It's study, listen, study, listen, learn, read, study, fail-fail-fail, then a little triumph.  It's tough.  Not as much for those "younger", but if you want to know -I'm 55 (and a half).  Nothing comes easy --not even sleeping.

I needed to voice what had been going on in my life.   I needed to get it out of my heart, head, out of my system somehow.  This is where I began using my voice back in 2007 (remember my old blog, "the knightly news"?--it has been closed down for simplification purposes), and for about 3 years, I blogged faithfully --but then God began to lead me to a quieter journey.  I filled up 2 prayer journals since then and I've got just a few more pages left on the third.

I realized recently though, there a…